the fastest file defragmentation utility

The latest versions

Rapid File Defragmentor version 1.4 build 686:


Rapid File Defragmentor Lite version 1.4 build 620:


Below are a few screenshots of Rapid File Defragmentor. Click the thumbnails (small pics) to view the full size images

Rapid File Defragmentor: Main window
The main window of the Rapid File Defragmentor contains three profiles. The first one will be executed manually, the second one will be executed daily, the third one - weekly.
Rapid File Defragmentor: Profile
The profile window. Every profile contains number of files and directories for defragmentation.
Rapid File Defragmentor: Scheduler
The scheduler. Every profile could be defragmented using its own scheduler
Rapid File Defragmentor: Tray
Rapid File Defragmentor can be minimized to tray, but it's still available
Rapid File Defragmentor: Context menu
Context menu integration allows to defragment files from Windows Explorer