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Rapid File Defragmentor version 1.4 build 686:


Rapid File Defragmentor Lite version 1.4 build 620:




Rapid File Defragmentor is the fastest defragmentation program allowing you to defragment selected files and directories. Regular defragmentation increases the overall performance of your system dramatically.

The key advantage of the Rapid File Defragmentor is the ability to group files and folders into the profiles and defragment only selected profiles instead of the whole hard disk. Now you don't need to wait until your defrag software completes analyzing - defragment your files instantly!


Questions we know answers for:

Q: My email client is too slow, what should I do?
A: Startup and messages search will happen much faster if you defragment message files.

Q: How to speed up programs working with large databases (electronic translators, encyclopedias, etc)
A: Rapid File Defragmentor allows to defragment large databases. It takes a couple of seconds but saves minutes!

Q: How to convert audio/video files from one format to another as fast as possible?
A: Use our defragmenter software to defragment your source files. It can dramatically improve performance of the converters.

Just use Rapid File Defragmentor and save your time!


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